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by Ammar Khan

Despite entering the matchup with only three home runs the entire season, the San Luis Obispo Blues bats were swinging early. The team hit two home runs in the first six innings, mustered up several runs (one by a Crawdad error), and even stole a few bases.

Even after a home run from centerfielder Casey Cummingsl to start the game, and Isaiah Walker’s run in the second inning, the Crawdads offense looked stagnant in the middle part of the game.

Despite stolen bases from several Crawdads including returning infielder Nico DeFazio, the Crawdads were having trouble getting runs.   

The Crawdads trailed 6-3 as late as the bottom of the sixth inning. With Blues starting pitcher Logan Groff striking Crawdads out and the Blues defense protecting the infield, it looked as if a Crawdad comeback was impossible.

That was until the sixth inning when the Crawdads offense started to click once again.

The inning started with infielder Cole Kosciusko smashing a ball toward left center, a home runn, that cut the deficit, to 6-4.

Several plays later, DeFazio’s hit to shallow left-center resulted in an RBI double to score Cummings.

The Crawdads trailed 6-5.

Holding the Blues scoreless in the top of the seventh, the Crawdads were looking to make a comeback.

Yet, what was about to come from the Crawdads offense in the seventh inning was a performance that felt like a fantasy. It was a performance that had the Blues go through three different pitchers.

The Crawdads started the inning with four of their first five batters walking.

Aidan Camberg tied the game up with a walk.

The Crawdads then took the lead, 8-6, after second baseman Isaiah Walker connected with a ball deep into left field. The play resulted in a two-run single.

With runners on second and third, third baseman Cam Cavillo contributed to the offensive surge with an RBI single.

The Crawdads now led 9-6.

A passed ball led to a Walker run, a DeFazio triple scored another, Kosciusko and Camberg doubled, and the Crawdads offense looked unstoppable.

After the seventh, the Crawdads took a massive lead. Yet, the most impressive part is how they took the lead back. And that was with a 10-run inning.

They were now up 15-6.

In the middle of a Crawdad masterclass performance, the home plate umpire was switched out after he reportedly felt dizzy and nauseous after taking a hit from a Blues batter.

However, a long delay to switch umpires could not stop the Crawdads juggernaut offense. 

The eighth inning was also quite the show for spectators.

After a Kosciusko three-run home run and two more knocks from the Crawdads offenses they extended their dominant lead, 20-6.

It was at this moment that the Crawdads offense felt it was time to call it a day.

Walnut Creek walked out victorious, 20-8.

After a two home run and five RBI performance, Kosciusko was named player of the game.

“We stuck to the same approach all game,” Kosciusko said on the Crawdads’ dominant win. “It’s a lot of at-bats, still a lot of games…so if you try and make a game bigger than what it is it can get away from you.”

The 20-run performance marks the most runs the Crawdads have scored in a game this season.

With the win, the Crawdads record improves to 8-5 and the team now takes top of the CCL North conference.

The Crawdads will host the Blues again on Jun. 26 at 4:00 p.m. The Crawdads will enter the game on a two-game win streak. 

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